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Short Bio

I'm a seasoned software engineer in a green IT startup. With an enduring love for the web since my teenage years, I excel in crafting scalable web applications capable of serving millions of users. Known for my attentive and committed approach, I quickly adapt to new environments and deeply understand project requirements, providing technical expertise while also contributing ideas on UX and backend enhancements.

If you came here from an article, I don't have a soundcloud, but pls follow me on twitter, I need friends 馃ズ


In my role as a Senior Software Engineer (or "Head of Frontend Engineering" depending on the person you ask in my company), I am responsible for developing and maintaining billiv's frontends, ensuring that the technical debt is kept to a minimum on all billiv's products.

My work as a developer involves developing and testing new features on the public web app, but I also work closely on the architecture of our monorepo which evolves quite quickly these days due to Next.js and React's recent changes.

As a tech enthousiat, I am always looking for ways to improve the DX at my company and I am currently all in on Next.js, Typescript, and React Server Components (which we are using in production since the Next 13 release 馃お)


  • Jan 2023 Present
    Senior Front-end Engineer
    In my role as a Senior Software Engineer for billiv, I am responsible for developing and maintaining the public web app and handling the frontend technical debt.
  • Nov 2017 ...

    I'm lazy I'll do that later......

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    July 2017 Nov 2017
    Web Developer (Internship)
    I gained expertise in React, Node.js, Angular (Ionic), and worked on projects like an extranet for Ovatio (an insurance company). I demonstrated quick immersion into the code and became autonomous, leading to positive feedback from my supervisors and ultimately being transferred to work on the company's flagship project: ABC Salles.
  • Feb 2012 June 2014
    Freelance Web Developer
    I contributed to the development of a real-time strategy game clone, translating it into French and optimizing the game engine to handle high traffic, resulting in over 26 million page views within a year. I also co-founded a developer collective, implemented security measures, managed dedicated servers, and integrated payment APIs such as PayPal and Paygol.

Let's Connect

I'm excited to connect with others via email and Twitter to chat about React and Next. Currently, I'm not taking on freelance projects, neither looking for a new job thought, so please refrain from contacting me about that especially if you're an HR for an ESN (french word for shitty company)!


Thanks to Josh Comeau for the tutorial on how to build a Sparkle effect with React 馃挆.