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Ionic headache #3: building ionic for the web

Someone responded to my message in the thread about favicon.

richardmarais says that it works for the www running on a server.

That's what I thought, but how do I run www on a server ? Once again, I went to google and couldn't find a working answer. Once again, every command I found was outdated. What the docs say about running ionic in the browser ? Nothing, of course. I copied the www folder to my MAMP and got a blank page… but with the correct favicon !

Turned out that my www folder was empty because I just ran git checkout master. ionic serve filled the www folder and I finally saw my app running with the correct favicon.

So all this time spent to get an icon working was useless. I just had to run ionic serve and copy the www folder to my server. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad.